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Not Got Sports, Diet What's Right to Keep

Not Got Sports, Diet What's Right to Keep
QUESTION: I am a 23 year old employee. My job is sedentary and sometimes have to stay up until the evening. My weight is classified as obese, 58 kg with height 150 cm. I do not have time to exercise so do diet alone. Two months ago my diet mayo with subscription catering but could not stand because bland. BB Although I had dropped 5 kg but then continues to rise. My question is if we stop dieting BB dock is certainly rise ya? Whereas my usual diet alone, I often do not even sarapan.Lulu, JakartaJAWAB: Dear Lulu, thank you for my pertanyaannyaJika calculate BMI (body mass index) Lulu approximately 25.78 kg / m2 and obese criteria included grade 1. As for the ideal body weight for Lulu about 50 kg with a range between 42-51 kg. What to do to maintain a BB Lulu not to return to the original figure after successfully dropped 5 kg? Certainly not by avoiding breakfast, it is very important breakfast to energize welcome daily activities and help to increase metabolism. Therefore, the principle of maintaining ideal body weight, by maintaining a balance between food intake and energy expenditure, which can be done in the following ways: • diet eat smaller portions and frequent, try not to skip a meal that has been given to avoid "retaliation" because starving. Eat according to the needs of the body. For Lulu about 1250-1300 kcal divided into 5-6x / day with a sample menu as below ini.- Breakfast skimmed / low fat 100 ml (I choose foods that are easy to prepare and very practical for consumption) - Snack morning apple 100 lunch gram rice 100 grams + 50 grams of chicken sesame sauce + steamed out 50 gram + sauteed vegetables squash and carrots 100 gram fruit pudding afternoon Snack Dinner 100 gram rice cook fish 75 grams + 50 grams + yellow-spiced tempeh fungus 50 grams + sauteed spinach-carrot 100 gram 150 gramMenu papaya fruit is just an example, if Lulu wants to replace with a side dish of vegetables or fruit or other type of fine, the important size is more or less like the example. • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY / SPORTS Sports are often a problem of the young executive who works from morning till night. Though the move will help maintain the balance of calories, increase burning body fat and build muscle mass as well. If possible Do exercise 3-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes with aerobic, such as jogging, biking, treadmill, swimming, etc. If you do not have time to exercise, increase physical activity such as using the stairs instead of the lift, multiply the road rather than sitting, etc. • LIFESTYLE SEHATPara young executives often work until late at night, thereby reducing down time. By working late into the night, making cravings become magnified in the form of coffee drinks, soda or sweet tea and biscuits, pastry cakes. You should not smoke, drink alcohol, etc. I will answer the question Lulu, whether BB will go up if it does not go on a diet again? Of course BB will rise if there is a positive energy balance, which means that the body of Lulu excess energy, which can be derived from food / beverage consumed without Lulu realize that the food / beverages high in calories TSB. Therefore, to retain BB Lulu already achieved simply run the way I described above. Hopefully results expected bleak.
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