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9 Tips to Lose Weight for Your Super

9 Tips to Lose Weight for Your Super
Yes, life today is extremely fast. Every day, nearly everyone is racing against time so that there is not enough time for a diet program that already exists in the mind.
Take a deep breath and do not worry, follow the ideas of weight loss is simple and does not take much time below.

1. Clean your kitchen from foodSemua junk food and sugar-laden beverages, processed foods such as chips and crackers, foods high in trans fats. Get rid of all of it from the kitchen and refrigerator.
"" If all the food and drink was still in the kitchen, when hungry, you will tend to take food or drink unhealthy fattening it, "" said Alissa Rumsey, RD, a nutritionist and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and diet.

2. Place the healthy food they align mataSetelah all food 'junk' removed, replace with low-calorie low-fat foods are healthy. Place these foods in a place that is easily accessible and visible.
The food that you can select, for example, fruits, salads, yogurt, tuna, and quinoa-low-fat and whole grain cereals.

3. Record the regular schedule AndaBiasanya sport, something routinely done not recorded in the agenda or schedule regulator phone. However, specific to the training schedule, treat preferentially, as scheduled meeting with an important client. Make a note of your exercise schedule in the usual places you note the promises superpenting.
This will give rise to a feeling that exercise is something urgent to do, just like you have to make a presentation in front of clients.

4. Prepare in portions besarYang referred to here is to prepare healthy foods low in calories earlier in the day in large portions that can be used for lunch and dinner. This will greatly save your time.

5. Do not rely on sugar and caffeine "" When we are under stress and squeezed the time, we tend to turn to stimulants such as coffee and sugary drinks to get energy all day, ' "said Rumsey.
Some time after drinking coffee or sugary drinks, you will feel refreshed. But as soon as the arrival of freshness, energy is lost as soon as it also changed with fatigue and increased appetite.

6. Befriend a healthy snack every saatSimpan healthy snacks low in calories and sugar in a bag and drawer work so that you can immediately eat when hungry. The availability of healthy snacks will keep you from having hunger which eventually will lead to excessive appetite.

7. Learn to prepare meals praktisIni is a smart strategy when you get home tonight in a state of fatigue. Rather than buying a fatty fast food, better learn to cook healthy food that is practical as sauteed vegetables, salad, or vegetable and tuna sandwiches.

8. Find a partner latihanPunya friends to relax in the cafe, it's important. So also have a friend to exercise. Friends will keep you excited and will keep you cheerful when bored exercising.

9. Place the exercise equipment at the front door rumahAtau in the car, or on the desk. If the exercise equipment in a place easily visible and accessible, you will not miss practice time lost by reason of your shoes and others.
Their presence at the front of the eye, it also serves as a reminder that exercise is an important integral part in efforts weight loss in a healthy way.

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