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Make Pretty Enough Sleep, Sleep Deprivation

Make Pretty Enough Sleep, Sleep Deprivation Worsens Appearance
 - We live in a society that boasts of sleep deprivation. The less sleep is considered the more enterprising, more productive. Bosses appreciate the email delivery of incoming subordinates at times typically people sleep. Actually, this behavior is detrimental to the performance, health and penampilan.Cukup sleep, perform menarikYa, the main organ affected is sleep that is not healthy skin. We can easily distinguish the tired face sleep deprivation. Expression sluggish, dull and lusterless. This is evidenced by a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2010, in which subjects were photographed twice. The first time getting enough sleep, both during sleep less. The images are then shown in 65 untrained layman to be assessed. As a result, when the photo was considered more attractive enough sleep! Sleep latest cantikPenelitian conducted by experts from University Hospitals Case Medical Center finds new evidence of sleep pretty. Quality sleep affects the function of the skin and aging. It was found that women who sleep less, premature aging of the skin and decrease skin recovery functions to various stressors lingkungan.Penelitian conducted on 60 pre-menopausal women aged 30-49 years. Half of them fall into the category of less sleep, while others get enough sleep. Both groups were then assessed the health of the skin and the resilience of the skin against environmental stressors, such as resistance to maintain moisture and exposure to the lack of sleep matahari.Kelompok woman showing increasing signs of intrinsic aging of the skin, such as pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. While signs of extrinsic aging such as wrinkles and blemishes sunburn spots do not show perbedaan.Para researchers also found that the recovery of the skin in the group of women who slept quite turned out much better than those who sleep less. After several tests stressors skin for 72 hours, it was found that the rate of recovery of the group who slept 30 percent better than those in less tidur.Di outer skin health, researchers also found that 23 percent of women who get enough sleep in the category of obesity, while lack of sleep 44 persen.Kurang bed seemed new sedihPenelitian published in the medical journal Sleep, September 2013, as if repeating the study in the UK, 2010. Ten people were photographed twice, first at 14:30 after eight hours of sleep. Second after being awake for 31 hours. Afterwards there are 40 people who were asked to view the twentieth photos. They were asked to menilah look tired, sad and some specific instructions on wajah.Hasilnya, when the lack of sleep, the participants face looks tired. Looked dark circles under the eyes, the eyes also appear red and swollen, more wrinkles and eyelid down. In short the current lack of sleep, a person so dressed buruk.Selain eye dark circles, researchers from Sweden have also noted that the face is more pale skin and lips look downhill corner. The participants who rated the picture also stated that the appearance of the photo when the lack of sleep seemed sedih.Para experts hope their results later this can provide the basis of new parameters for assessing one's sleepiness. Sleepiness ratings will be used also for the diagnosis of disease, and occupational safety and then lintas.Tidur beautiful, proven and have a solid background in science. It is time we begin to incorporate healthy sleep into one of the priorities of our health. In addition to its impact on beauty, keep in mind that unhealthy sleep has been shown to be associated also with obesity, immune even Sleeping Beauty payudara.Tips cancer: - Keep a regular sleep schedule and fairly.
- Create an atmosphere as comfortable as possible bedrooms to sleep and not to beraktivitas.- room temperature is quite cool, because it helps quality sleep baik.- Dim the bedroom when tidur.- Prepare the bed with a fun activity but santai.- Clean the upholstery with a regular mattress to prevent dirt and alergi.- supine sleeping position is well known for maintaining firmness face.